Display is an on board TFT LCD monitor displaying information related to the journey, entertainment contents and commercial advertisements.

Passengers enjoy position based or situation based information, i.e. current position of the train on the line timetable and on the map, connections departing from the next station, emergency messages, news and weather forecast.
Commercial and multimedia contents can be shown upon customer request. The Ul is fully customisable, and contents are managed by a web based central system which controls, monitors and diagnoses every single display installed in the vehicle.

Functions are fully compliant to TSI PRM normative.

High performances are guaranteed by state of the art CPU technology with hardware decoding for multimedia content playback.

Advanced and additional user friendly features like touchscreen allow it to be dedicated to passengers as well as vehicle staff. The monitor can be customized upon customer request for ceiling or wall mounting, in single side, double side or ultra wide configuration and with plastic or metallic enclosure.


– Wide choice of display sizes (4:3) (16:9) (32:9)
– High contrast and brightness (fixed or variable)
– 10/100 Mbps Ethernet communication interface
– 24VDC/110VDC input voltage with overload current and reverse polarity protection and optional SmartUPS for safe shutdown
– Plastic, metallic or open frame mechanical solution based on customer requirements
– EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN45545-2 International Railway application requirements certified
– Compliant with ST306158 Italian Railway (FS-Trenitalia) application requirements
– Optional touch screen for passenger or train staff interaction

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