People Counting Sensor

The People Counter Sensor is a compact device that uses a stereoscopic vision technology. The device analyses the “detection area”, and when a person enters or leaves this area, the incoming or outgoing values are stored accordingly. They are installed in each coach above each entrance door in order to count people entering or exiting the vehicle. An additional sensor is installed between the adjacent coaches to monitor people moving through them.
Each sensor can count when a door opens, then it stops counting when the door closes.

All the data produced by the sensors are collected by the PIS Controller, which correlates them with date, time, GPS position and travel situation in relation to the timetables. In this way, for example, it is possible to estimate the number of passengers getting on and off from a specific station. The door sensor between the carriages is used to calculate the passenger load factor of each individual coach, counting the passengers moving along the train. In this way, the passenger counting data can also be used to support the seat-reservation and seat-occupancy functions, where available.
The passenger counting data are visible to the traveling staff through the HMI id train management system and are sent in near-real-time to the central shoreside system.

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