PIS controller is an on-board passenger information, localization and communication unit for trains, subways, trams and buses.

The advanced GPS receiver and multi-channel mobile modules like LTE/LTE-A and Wi-Fi allow PIS controller to act as a complete data and content concentrator for the train Passenger Information
System. It performs both position- and situation-aware automatic public announcements using the available analog or digital/VoIP PA system and it distributes contents on video and multimedia
peripherals (internal LCD monitors, internal and external LED panels and servers for passenger on-demand services).

PIS controller, working as a train-to-ground mobile gateway, is able to download multimedia and tracking information from a Ground System and to receive commands and play audio/video contents from Operating Rooms. It also sends P.I.S. module diagnostics to the Ground System and provides direct access to hosts on the vehicle LAN with configurable forwarding, thus allowing a fully flexible solution for fleet management. Functions are compliant to TSI PRM normative. Its computational power addresses a broad number of applications and services related to train journey information, multimedia contents distribution, on board video surveillance live view and diagnostic management. The device is equipped with a SmartUPS for safe shutdown in case of main input power failure.


– Cutting-edge CPU for high performance
– Accurate tracking capability with high sensitivity GPS receiver
– Wireless communication based on LTE/LTE-A and Wi-Fi technology
– Continuous Train-to-Ground link for two-way information exchange
– Redundant wired Ethernet connectivity
– Serial interfaces and additional MVB EMD interface available for local communication
– Provider of geo-localized audio & video information
– User-friendly graphical interface MMI for Train Staff operation
– Automatic software update for application and multimedia contents handling
– Rack or boxed mechanical solution and fanless design
– 24VDC/110VDC input voltage with overload current and reverse polarity protection and optional SmartUPS for safe shutdown in case of main input power failure
– EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN45545-2 International Railway application requirements certified
– Compliant with ST306158 Italian Railway (FS-Trenitalia) application requirements
– Compliant with TSI PRM normative

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