NVR Server
NVR Server

NVR Server is a fully customizable railway server.

Its computational power addresses a broad number of applications and services related to train on board video surveillance live view and diagnostic management, following all the railway standards which apply to all the electronic equipment. The server can be equipped with an optional SmartUPS for safe shutdown in case of main input power failure.

It can be configured with a wide range of software functions and capabilities, implementing a fully compliant GDPR CCTV system with local and remote management for real-time and recorded video sequences. The CCTV system is integrated with the other PIS subsystems, thus obtaining a situation-aware tagging of the images.


– State-of-the-art Intel Core processors up to i7 family
– Up to 16GB of RAM
– Fanless and highly efficient thermal design to reach operating temperature up to +70 °C
– SSD or HDD resistant to vibration and wide temperature range of rolling stock environment. Optionally could be provided with removable SSD.
– Redundant 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet connection
– 24VDC/110VDC input voltage with overload current and reverse polarity protection and optional SmartUPS for safe shutdown in case of main input power failure
– Fully configurable software solution
– Rack-mountable mechanical housing, resistant to harsh environmental conditions
– EN50155, EN50121-3-2 International Railway application requirements certified
– Compliant with ST306158 Italian Railway (FS-Trenitalia) application requirements

Human Machine Interface

HMI is used both for driver desk or crew cabin to interact with all the other subsystems.

A wide range of functions is available for the vehicle crew to interact with the CCTV system, control the PIS behaviour, select manual announcements, control the diagnostic status of equipments, monitor travel tracking, load factor of vehicles and both seat reservation and seat occupancy status, etc.

Available in different configurations with touch screen or physical human interface (keyboard and trackball).

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