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Smart Travel Solutions

Born 25 years ago in Bologna as a spin-off of the University, Sadel is now the leading company in Italy in On Board Passenger Information Systems, both in trains and in metros. In fact, not only all the High Speed trains, but also 98% of the trains circulating in Italy are equipped with Sadel’s products and systems, with a total of some 30.000 devices in operation.

The company employs 50+ people, half of them with University degree. Their combined skills and competences, in Electronics, Mechanics and Software, allow Sadel to conceive, design and deliver fully integrated end-to-end solutions and to maintain them over time.
Rooted in the well known “Mechatronics District” of Bologna, Sadel’s leans upon first-class companies to manufacture its products, keeping the highest level of performance and reliability.

7% of revenues is devoted annually to Research and Development, thus fostering continuous innovation, like OB/Director and the On Board Powerline line. The former, acting as a stable, continuous over-the-air gateway between train and ground, not only innovates and fully automates the Passenger Information Systems, but also delivers a host of real IoT applications, designed to ease the life of passengers and that of the train itself. The second, bringing a well-known ground technology to meet the strict railway regulations, allows to build full Ethernet train networks (narrowband and broadband) without rewiring, thus giving mid-life trains a new cost-effective way to attain the modern standards for passenger information and comfort.

SME size and tight process integration allow Sadel to quickly customize its solutions to different models and makes of train and metro. Up to now, more than 20 train models from the principal manufacturers (Alstom, Bombardier, Ansaldo-Breda, Hitachi, Stadler, PESA, etc.) are equipped with the company’s products.

These are also the reasons why Almaviva chose Sadel as its strategic partner in the far-sighted project of revamping all the regional trains circulating in Italy, which Almaviva itself is leading, as the outsourcer of Trenitalia, the State railway operator in Italy.








First step



Sadel currently employs an excellent technical team composed of more than 45 employees, who are committed and orientated to develop customized solutions meeting the needs of every single customer. Sadel enjoys a large production capacity through a long-standing partnership with a major Italian Firm in the manufacturing sector, responding to every market demand. Sadel’s Solutions are the result of projects and realisations made in Italy.




Sadel offers train manufacturers, train operators and their staff, Fully Integrated On-Board Solutions for the effective management of operations and the delivery of smart passenger infotainment services.

Third Step



Sadel aims to become the On-Board Solutions Partner of the main train manufacturers and train operators, supporting them throughout the entire product's lifecycle from inception, through engineering design, development and manufacture, to service and maintenance.